What a week…. Lions, Elephant and Crocodile Vs. Kudu

This week we went on a wonderful and exciting 2-day camping trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana.

We were had a rather weird drive in the morning, as our guide was racing through the park with no regard for the animals or his guests. This was a great example of how not to conduct a guided experience and we were left speechless by the end.

The cruise in the afternoon was great however and we really enjoyed that ­čÖé

For me one of the beauties of being out in the bush, is that you never know what might happen and even a rather boring drive with not much activity can change to a memorable one within seconds. So, happened at the beginning of the week when we were out on a morning drive with not much activity and we were called to a place as a crocodile was trying to take down a male Kudu.

So, we rushed over there to have a look for ourselves. As we got there we were told, that the Kudu had been attacked by Lions during the night. The Kudu got away but was severely injured during the attack. It tried to get some relief in the water but was then attacked by a crocodile. That is what I call a shit day….

For us it was very exciting and showed us once more, that nature can be very harsh!

Here are some more pics, but be advised as some of the pictures can be disturbing.

Some of the pictures are unfortunately not the best but I hope you enjoy them ­čÖé

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